DevFest Lille 2022

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2022, and all the big conferences in France are coming back to life. After Devoxx France, I had the great honor of being accepted and to attend DevFest Lille - a first one for me! Going back on my experience as a Speaker, sharing the conferences I've liked and my Sketchnotes.

DevFest ?

The conference lasts one whole day, during which 3 cinema rooms have been re-organized to receive speakers and participants. Comfortable seats, giant screen... It was quite an incredible experience!

I was incredibly surprised by all the efforts the organization team put into:

  • diversity: I recognize all the efforts made to achieve diversity among speakers and participants. And the result is there !
  • inclusiveness: all the conferences were subtitled in live in order to allow people with hearing loss to be able to follow correctly.
  • sustainability: 0 waste! All drinks were returnable, meals and snacks served in reusable containers. When we know the load that a conference represents, I was already impressed, but this is yet another level.

Huge shoutout to the whole team for this crazy organization! Photo of a pannel indicating where to return drinks

[French] My speaker experience: React dans tous ses états

I had the honnor to be selected to present a talks about state management in React.

I'll publish other articles soon to share about the process of CFP submission and my experience as a speaker.

Photo of Amélie on stage Photo of Amélie on stage

Please note how tiny I look in front of this huge screen

Speaker: Amélie Benoit

Sources sur Github (slides + code):

Vidéo de la conférence

Résumé: Que nos applications soient legacy ou complètement nouvelles, la question du stockage et de la gestion des données est une constante. Il existe aujourd'hui de nombreuses façon de gérer ce state, mais peu de guidelines fortes.

Avec des exemples de code, nous verrons ensemble trois acteurs majeurs de la gestion du state en React aujourd'hui: de la solution native à Recoil en passant par Redux-toolkit.

[French] Keynote d'ouverture

Speaker: Nicolas Karasiewicz

Nicolas is a conscience awakener and explained to us, with a lot of humor and self-mockery, how important accessibility is. That a disabled customer remains a full-fledged customer and there are now a lot of tools and processes at our disposal to help anyone navigate a website.

Sketchnote of the opening keynote

Conference Replay


Je ne vais pas faire un résumé de toutes les conférences, mais seulement de celles auxquelles j'ai pu assister et faire un compte rendu. Toutes les vidéos sont disponibles en ligne si vous souhaitez les visualiser !

[English] Technically speaking: how to improve your documentation

Speaker: Alexandra White

Talk en anglais présenté par Alexandra, et qui nous explique pourquoi et comment écrire des documentations efficientes pour nos projets. Amené avec beaucoup d'humour et de légèreté, elle nous donne ici des clés pour nous aider dans ce process qui nous est parfois pénible et pourtant si important.

Conference Sketchnote of Alexandre White "Technically speaking: how to improve your documentation")

Conference Replay

[French] RGPD pour les développeurs

Speaker: François Delbrayelle

François goes through GDPR principles, by whom and why these rules were introduced. He gives tips for integrating these principles into our projects on a daily basis, in order to ensure that we do not deviate from them.

Conference Sketchnote of François Delbrayelle "RGPD pour les développeurs"

Conference Replay

[French] Au secours, l'accessibilité s'invite dans mes projets web !

Speaker: Loriane Buffet

I really enjoyed Loriane's talk on accessibility. In particular when she dismantles the benefits induced for valid people people and/or projects. A talk that puts things in their place, gives keys to bad practices and explains that making your site accessible ultimately concerns all professions.

Conference Sketchnote of Loriane Buffet "Au secours, l'accessibilité s'invite dans mon projet web !"

Conference Replay


Obviously, there are still plenty of incredible conferences to discover in replay on the GDG Lille YouTube channel. I am thinking in particular of the conference in Florence Chabanois about recruiting women, or even the one from Rose Mazari about digital sovereignty.

For my first time there, I absolutely loved my experience at DevFest Lille. Excellent atmosphere, strong values, warm welcome, and the most interesting conferences. I felt truly honored to be one of the presenters, as everyone were relevant and interesting in their presentation. I hope to have the opportunity to renew this adventure!